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  • LW Decanter Centrifuge

  • LW Decanter Centrifuge

  • LW Decanter Centrifuge

LW Decanter Centrifuge

LW Sedimentation Centrifuge is a horizontal,continuously working and continuously spiral discharging sedimentation centrifuge. 

It is used in a variety or industries for separating all kinds of solid liquid suspension.

product description

LW Decanter Centrifuge

Working Principle

The machine starts and speeds up automatically.

When the proper working condition are met and the revolving drum reaches the feeding speed,

the feeding valve opens and allows suspension which will be separated to enter into the product compartment of the spiral feeder through the feeding pipe.

After the preliminary speed-up,the suspension passes the outlet of compartment and into the drum.Because of centrifugal force,

the suspension in the drum is quickly divided into two phases;

the heavier solid phase deposits to the inner wall of the drum and driven by the differential gear which results in the non-cynchronous movement between the spiral feeder and the drum.

the solid phase will be transferred into the small end for further dehydration and finally discharged through solid phase outlet.

The separated liquid flows out though the big end or will be driven out by centrifugal pump.

Drum diameter(mm)2503504505206507209001000
Drum effective length(mm)10001460180021302275266527002500
Max speed(r/min)40004000360028002500200015001500
Max separating factor(N)22383133326522812273161111331259
Processing capability(m³/h)0.5-33-126-2012-3025-3545-10050-11050-120
Main motor power(kw)112230-4545-7575-110110-160160-220280
Overall dimension(mm)2740*700*9003950*830*11704385*1140*15084760*1250*15545120*1450*17505500*1550*18505800*1750*20505600*1850*2150

Main Characteristics

1.Continuous working,spiral discharging,high capacity

2.Controlled by two motors,rovolving drum can be adjustable two stage separately.

3.Wide applicability for chemical,oil,foodstuff,pharmacy industries and green industry in which solid-liquid separation is required

4.Suitable for various products,capable for separating wide ranging solid phase grains(0.002-2mm),especially when separating solid phase has different size grains

Material Choice

According to users' requirement,the product contact parts can be made of austenite stainless steel(321,316L...904L,C2205),Haynes alloy titanic alloy or other anti-erosion materials

Structure Choice

1.Methods of lubrication:A .Grease lubrication

B.Circular forced lubrication

2.Number of helical blade head is selectable within single head helix,double head helix or multiple head helix

3.Helix surface is coated with high hardness alloy

Special Allocation

Following allocation can be possible to meet customer's demand

1.Frequency conversion plus PLC controlling system

2. Protection system for vibration and temperature rising

3.Feeding speed control

4.Gas-liquid separation device on liquid outlet

5.Three kinds of structure selection of cycloid gear,planetary gear and hydraulic differential. They are used to be transfered the different solid phase by pushing the torque.