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Our Corporate Mission

Our Corporate Mission

To the friends who are always concerned about HANPU

Thank you for your every concern and we feel the sense of responsibility once more.

We can never keep a slack hand. Only we can make is to do it better to reward your solicitude and your trust The only way to do it better is to make innovation HANPU people are always devotedthemselves to the research of separating drying machinery and take the customer. Satisfaction as our lifetime pursue. We dare to negate ourselves and make creation constantl. We deeply know that tomorrow will be better.

We will keep to our promise and take integrity as basis in the market competition and our ability. We deeply understand that mutual provide service to our customer trust and mutual dependence is our foundation for the harmonious society Please pay a visit to our factory located by the side of Yangtze Riverbr
and we will feel a
kind of impetus because of your presence and we will do it better toward the set Direction.