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Pillow Plate

Pillow plate is in 2 types single and double embossed. welded with fiber laser,

It is widely used in heating/cooling/evaporation/condensation field which are necessary adapted in heat exchangers,tanks as milk ,beer,wine storage,fermentation ,falling film chillers,jacked vessels,evaporator plates,building roof,ice room etc.

Suitable for irregular shape, high pressure, high temperature or corrosive environment.

product description

Process Type

- Two sheets of steel are overlapped and welded by laser. Laser ring welding is used in the middle of the sheet and two laser welding seals are used around the edge.

- Injecting high-pressure liquid between plates makes the plates expand and deform under pressure, forming a hollow plate heat exchanger with uneven surface.

Advantages of pillow plates:

· Less chance of leaks due to high quality welding.

· Higher heat transfer coefficients at lower flow rates.

· High efficiency in energy transfer/ dimple patterns enable better flows resulting in high-energy efficiency.

· Pillowplate is integrated in the structure, giving it extra strength. 

According to the application any design is possible. 

Technical Overview

Product Name
Pillow Plate

Thickness of two sheets

Double embossed platesSingle embossed plates
MaterialStainless Steel0.8mm+0.8mm0.8 mm + 2.0 mm base plate
ColorNickel White1.0mm+1.0mm1.0 mm + 2.5 mm base plate
StandardDIN GB ISO JIS BA ANSI ASMI1.2mm+1.2mm1.2 mm + 4.0 tot 15 mm base plate


1.5mm+1.5mm 1.5 mm + 4.0 tot 15mm base plate


Part of Applications

Dimple Plate Dimple Plate

We use world advanced processing method and equipments to protect the quality of pillow plate to reach to client's special requirements. 

Dimple Plate

It is available to design as customized as long as you give us enough info as:

1. Working pressure

2. Fluid name in cavity and out space

3. Flow ability per hour

4. Working temperature

5. Material required

6. Qty required

7. Etc,The more you provide,the better we can consider for design

You can also give us your drawings,we can make it upon all dimensions you provided.