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  • FW Horizontal Bag Turning Centrifuge

FW Horizontal Bag Turning Centrifuge

FW series are filter centrifuges with intermittent feeding and intermittent discharging. Feeding, separation, washing, dehydration and other operating procedures are completed under full speed, discharging is completed under the condition of deceleration.

product description


1.Fully sealed structure design, reliable sealing, no pollution to materials.

2.The shell can be completely turned over for easy cleaning and inspection.

3.Discharge without scraper mechanical parts, no damage to gain crystal;

4.There is no material residue in the filter cloth, which facilitates the separation of materials in the next batch.

5.Damping shock absorber, no foundation installation;

6.Unmanned operation, automatic detection and operation;

Working Principle

This type of machine is mainly composed of a rotating mechanism, a discharging mechanism, a machine base, a bearing combination, a rotating drum, a pusher, a screen, a casing, and an electric control part.

Under high-speed operation, the suspension enters the drum through the feeding tube. Under the action of centrifugal force, the suspension is evenly distributed in the filter cloth inside the drum. The liquid phase passes through the pores of the filter cloth and the gap of the screen. And the drum filter hole is drained from the mother liquor nozzle, and the solid phase is trapped on the filter screen to form an annular filter residue layer. When unloading, the main engine first slows down to the unloading speed, starts the unloading motor, and pushes the pusher from the drum. Because both ends of the filter cloth are fixed on the pusher and the drum, the filter cloth is turned inside and outside. The trapped material is turned over to the outside of the filter cloth. Also under the action of the centrifugal force field, the material is removed from the filter cloth and discharged from the discharge port.

Technical Parameters

Drum diameter(mm)63080010001300
Drum volume(L)70120200350
Filter area(m2)0.560.851.262
High speed(r/min)1940160012701000
Maximum separation factor13251144901726
Overall dimensions(mm)2970*1040*16503980*1450*18904990*1650*25605900*2050*3250

Working Process Diagram

1. The suspension enters the drum through the feed pipe. The amount of feed can be controlled according to time or flow, or can be controlled by a load cell.

2. The cleaning liquid enters the rotating drum through the feeding tube, so that the cleaning liquid penetrates the filtering cake layer to achieve the washing effect. The amount of the cleaning liquid can be controlled according to time or flow, or can be controlled by a weighing sensor.

3. The conversion is rotated according to the preset value, and the preset speed is set according to the process requirements. The filtrate flows through the discharger and the solids are trapped in the filter cloth to form an annular filter cake.

4. The filter cloth is turned over by the rotation of the shaft, and the separated solid is discharged, and the pusher tray will keep the rotation at a low speed, so that the material is completely discharged outside the machine.

5. In the closed environment, the CIP in-place cleaning system can effectively clean the inside of the machine.

6. In order to achieve the best cleaning effect, the discharge port and the mother liquid port can be closed with a valve, the machine is immersed and cleaned, and the liquid level is detected by the liquid level switch to reach a preset level.

Workflow Diagram

FW series Horizontal Bag Turning Centrifuge

Appearance Structure Drawing

FW Horizontal Bag Turning Centrifuge