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  • GKC Automatic Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge Peeler

GKC Automatic Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge Peeler

The machine is solid-liquid separation equipment which adopts continuous operation and intermittent discharging.

It is controlled by PLC and the whole separation process is automatic circulative work.

It adopts wall penetration installation. It can be used in pharmaceutical industry which has high requirements. 

product description

Working principle

Feeding nitrogen or other inertgas into the host machine, after reaching the pre-determined content, when predetermined target is met and drum speed is suitable for feeding, feeding valve will be open automatically and product level detection begins to work.

When layer thickness is thick enough to reach the product detection slab, feeding valve closes to stop feeding. Under the effect of centrifugal force, most of the liquid in suspension is thrown out through filter cloth(or filter net) and the holes on drum wall then flows into mother liquid tank through horizontal liquid outlet(initial filter). With product dehydration going on, centrifuge will automatically slow down to washing speed according to technical requirement for washing.

Washing valve opens automatically With washing liquid rising to a certain height, washing valve closes and centrifuge speeds up automatically for further dehydration(secondary filter).

After a moment of operation,product will be fully dried. Then discharging will be in process.Then discharging valve opens and discharging cylinder begins to work when centrifuge automatically slows down to predetermined speed. With scraper rising spirally and automatically, solid product is scraped down into the hopper equipped with spiral discharger: With constant motion of spiral discharger, product is pushed out and discharged through valve.

Scraper rises closer to filter cloth with a certain distance till the bar on scraper device approaches proximity switch to stop scraper rising then retreats quickly after a short stay(about 15s)then enters next cycle.

GKC Automatic Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge Peeler

Main Characteristics

1. It is fully conformed to GMP CGMP and FDA Norm and meet the requirements of asepsis raw medicine production.

2. With absolute isolation between power area and process area.It is suitable for occasion when customer requires high quality cleaning to avoid the contamination to product.

3. The out shell bucket can be opened, so the whole internal parts can be observed and easy for touch wiping and cleaning.

4. Perfect CIP system can be carried out to wash the internal parts of centrifuge to avoid cross contamination which are not easy to clean.

5. Unique pneumatic counter-pulse device is equipped, which can remove remnant filter cake as much as possible.

6. Totally-enclosed structure equipped with inert gas protection is adopted to be used in ex-proof 1 section.

7. The automatic residual cakes removing device is optional (have owned the national patent)

GKC Automatic Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge Peeler

Technical Parameters

Drum volume (L)

Loading capacity (Kg)

Motor power (Kw)

Size (mm)