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Rising costs, strict regulation for global environmental protection are the topic today. Hanpu's expertise and equipment deliver cost-savings, emission reduction and advocates green consumption. For outstanding results, count on our reliable, efficient solutions for separation ,heat exchanges, crystallization and evaporation.

For chemical use, the product processed in centrifuge s usually  is of erosive which may change precious material into waste and brings threat to mechanical security, we can provide equipments of various material according to the corrosion data of your separating products, such as carbon steel,SS304 321 316,Tinanium alloy, hastelloy alloy, DSS2205,2507,etc.It can also adopt a variety of surface anti corrosion treatment methods, such as passivation, spraying polyester, halar, rubber lining, plastic lining etc.

Suitable field:

Gypsum, thiamine, mirabilite, ferric sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium chloride, acetic acid ,rubber additives, dye plastic raw material, soap ,resins, sodium glutamate…

● Chemicals