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  • PPSBDF Automatic Centrifuge

PPSBDF Automatic Centrifuge

PPSBDF Automatic Centrifuge adopts platform structure,with out housing welded with chassis.Adopting quick open structure,shell cover is fixed to shell body with flange hydraulic pressure is applied to open the lid,Shell cover is equipped with feeding pipe,washing pipe,sight glass viewing-light,scraper device,and man hole and so on,standard flanges are applied for the joints connected to external pipe.

product description

Main Characteristics

 1.The centrifuge adoptes whole enclosed structure with dependable seal facility which is filled with nitrogen to meet the explosion proof demand.

 2. Adopted with quick open clamshell structure and the optional swash plate distributor, products can be distributed evenly to reduce vibration caused by unbalanced distribution. with additional washing function, it has a better cleaning effect.

 3. The motor is set on top of the machine and directly linked to main shaft which will bring higher transmission efficiency and reduce friction powders.

 4. Pneumatic assisted scraper is adopted to remove the remnant filter cake and CIP system is optional to secure clarity to be in accordance with GMP Norm.

 5. Frequency control system is adopted to assure a stable start-up. PLC is adopted to ensure a complete automatic process including feeding, filtering washing and discharging etc. lt adopts dynamic(regenerative) breaking without fiction powder pollution and friction heat so it is much safer

 6. No need of human supervision. Following security systems are adopted: self-monitoring and protecting system, speed inspection, product level detection, over-vibration protection, over-heat ,protection for motor, mechanical and electric double interlock for scraper rotary and movement, interlock for lid's open and machine's running.

Technical Parameter

Loading capacity(Kg)135180320400
Max. Speed(r/min)150010809701000
Maximum Separating factor1007652631698
Motor power(Kw)7.51518.518.5

Properties and Uses

PPSBDF centrifuges have a perfect automatic performance and a large processing capacity. In accordance with users’ demand,procedures such as feeding, separating washing, dehydrating and discharging can all be automatically finished followed by remote control. It's suitable for solid-liquid separation of fibroid products as well as suspension which contains fine grains and medium size grains solid. For example: chemical industry products such as :gypsum,ammonium sulphide,bluestone,potassium chloride, borax, dyestuff, resin,pesticide and pharmaceutical products such as:salt, monosodium glutamate, food additive, starch, sugar, flavoring, antibiotic, vitamin and other industries such as mining and environmental protection ect.

Working Principle

PPSBDF centrifuge is a kind of vertical centrifuge with PLC control automatic filtration type and down scraping discharging, which adopts continuously running and intermittent discharge. SG centrifuge is semi-automatic centrifuge. Driven by the motor, the drum revolves step by step to the speed suitable for feeding, then the products which is to be separated enter to the revolving drum through feeding pipe. Centrifuge would stop feeding if the products' volume amounts reach to the predetermined date and the speed raises higher for separation. Suspension's separation can be made possible by filter cloth(or filter net)under the effect of centrifugal force. Liquid phase is draught out through filter layer and thrown into the empty chamber and finally discharged from the liquid outlet while the solid phase reminds on the drum to from bucket-shaped filter cake which will be washed in the following steps. When filter cake meets the requirement of separation, centrifuge will be slowed down to the discharging speed. The scraper begins to take effect and scrape the filter cake from inner wall to the products outlet of centrifuge.

Standard Structure Form

It adopts platform structure, with out housing welded with Chassis.Adopting quick open structure, shell cover is fixed to shell body with flange. Hydraulic pressure is applied to open the lid, Shell cover is equipped with feeding pipe, washing pipe, sight glass,viewing-light, scraper device, and man hole and so on, Standard flanges are applied for the joints connected to external pipe.

Main Material

Flat plate adopts Q235 covered with stainless steel. Revolving drum also adopts stainless steel except the bottom drum adopts cast steel covered with stainless steel. Shell body and lid (including attached facilities) both adopt stainless steel. Bearing seat adopts cast steel or cast iron covered with stainless Steel.

Standard Configuration

PLC plus Frequency conversion, dynamic braking. product, level detection(contact type), vertical common motor (or explosive proof type), common transmisslon v-belt and safe cover motor enclosed cover, spot operation box and GERB damping shock absorber.

Structure Choice

1. Shell body is connected with flat plate by flange and fast lock structure and dependable seal are adopted

2.Drum adopts carving stainless steel.

3.Gas outlet or other requirements can be met.

Configuration Choice

1.common(explosion proof)motor of permanent torque, static electricity proof(or other types)transmission belt.

2.Dynamic braking. LCD touching screen.

3.Vibration protection, Nitrogen protection, revolving speed display.

4.Oxygen content detection or nitrogen feeding control.

5.Lid open inter lock protection

6. Gas-liquid separation can adopt liquid seal on the liquid outlet.

7.CIP system and high pressure gas counter-pulse system.

8. Non-contact product level detection.

9.Swash plate type asynchronous distributor.

10.Other requirements.

11.The automatic residual cakes removing device (have owned the national patent)

Main Features

1.Adopt lid reversible structure or whole housing reversible structure,it is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

2.Whole-sealing structure, inner machine, bearing seat, scraper are protected by nitrogen.

3. The tensity of polish is accurate, roughness of surface can reach Ra 0.2-0.4μm.

4.Structure is simple and seam is glazed, easy to clean.

5.The sealing of the main shaft is reliable and inspecting device is equipped, which can ensure no leaking.

6.CIP device is set reasonable, it can clean the centrifuge effectively with no cleaning angle.

7.Uperization is used in the machine.

8.Adopt frequency conversion controlling system, dynamic or regenerative braking.

9.Enclosed cover is set on the transmission device to avoid powder pollution during the process of transmission.

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