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  • PPTD Platform Hermetical Centrifuge

  • PPTD Platform Hermetical Centrifuge

PPTD Platform Hermetical Centrifuge

The PPTD centrifuge is top discharging, hermetic closure type equipment. 

The dry material dip in ethanol, and then use centrifuge for dewatering. The working temperature is very low, around -30~-80 C, to prevent the ethanol from volatilization.

product description

Model PPTD flat-plate centrifuge has got rid of traditional hanging type of leg support and instead it adopts flat-plate counterweight and high-viscosity damping vibration reducer for absorbing vibration. The installation requires no foundation.

Process Overview

 - Operator fills filter bag with milled plant material and places it in the machine.
 - The centrifuge is then flooded, and bi-directional agitated for full target compound removal.
 - After the wash, the plant material undergoes a medium duty spin dry till high speed spin dry to remove the liquid as much as possible.
 - The alcohol wash is then collected to some container for further processing


 - 304 and 316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Construction
 - Low temperature rating: -40c
 - Reinforced Sight Glass
 - Bi-Directional Agitation
 - Auto/Manual Controls
 - Digital HMI Interface
 - Variable Speed Control
 - Easy Material Loading/ Unloading
 - Heavy-Duty Spin Drying
 - No foundation required

Structure Choice

For the purpose of anti-erosion, other materials maybe applied such as SUS316, 316L, 904L, C2205, 321, 304, titanic material, Haynes alloy, lined plastics, lined rubber and spray F46, and spray Halar etc.

Structure Sketch Map

L(P)B Platform Hermetical Centrifuge

Material Choices

1. Frequency conversion plus dynamic breaking(feedback breaking)

2. Vibration protection

3. Nitrogen protection,Oxygen content detection(including Nitrogen controlling)

4. Automatical shut down with the cover opening and automatic cover locking against the its falling down

5. Liquid seal equipment in the liquid outlet[or vertex separation]

6. CIP cleaning facilities

7. Explosive proof motor,static electricity proof transmission belt

8. Other demands

Technical Parameter

ModelCapacity(kg)Speed(rpm)Power(kw)Weight(kg)Overall Size(L*W*H)(mm)
PPTD-4502519001.5250980 × 650 × 870
PPTD-4502519001.5250980 × 650 × 870
PPTD-4502519001.5250980 × 650 × 870
PPTD-4502519001.5250980 × 650 × 870
PPTD-60050150038001300 × 880 × 900
PPTD-80013512005.513001800 × 1200 × 1140
PPTD-100020010007.520002050 × 1500 × 1220
PPTD-12003008001125002350 × 1650 × 1370

Product Details

L(P)B Platform Hermetical Centrifuge

L(P)B Platform Hermetical Centrifuge

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L(P)B Platform Hermetical Centrifuge