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Calcium hypochlorite used in pulp

Jul. 18, 2022

Calcium hypochlorite is one of the most widely used pulp bleaching agents, and almost 95% of the pulp in all paper mills is bleached with this agent.


Hanpu has PDC series decanter centrifuges, which can be used to produce calcium hypochlorite, and is the only manufacturing plant in China that successfully uses decanters for calcium hypochlorite.

Our decanter centrifuge model PDC-14-3-W is siutable.

 Calcium hypochlorite used in pulp

Our customer's material situation is : ' Feed 3TPH, solid content 20% W/W,  1.2KG/L specific gravity, CaClo, 50 micron particle'
And, our centrifuge final separation result can achieve: discharge solid can reach 1TPH, moisture content less than 40% (W/W)

Configuration, the contact part with the material is titanium, spiral insert, feed mouth bushing, slag mouth bushing ceramic.
Dual frequency control cabinet, ABB or SWACO inverter. Bilingual labels and display
Import NSK or SKF bearings
Paint and polish accuracy, 25-30 microns, at least twice paintIP54, 380 v/50hz / 3 p,3-25RPM, adjustable
Model PDC(450 * 1350)
Separation factors: 2600
Speed: 3200 RPM
Motor power: 11/30 kw
1 set of random accessories.