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Characteristics of the Use of the Bag Centrifuge

Aug. 09, 2019

The bag-turning centrifuge requires fine filtration and materials that require maintenance of the shape and purity of the solid phase crystal particles. The filter cake is cleaned and removed in each filtration cycle, and there is no residual filter cake layer. It is especially suitable for processing solid phase particle size. The material prevents the traditional scraper discharge centrifuge from leaving the filter cake layer after unloading, increasing the filtration resistance and affecting the separation function; the sealing operation, the Jiang cake is automatically discharged, preventing the material and the operator from touching the external environment. And cause pollution and harm, suitable for the separation of materials in toxic, flammable and explosive places.

The automatic discharge has no residue, the filter cloth is clean, the next feeding is prepared, the discharge particles are maintained, the crystal is not destroyed, and the uniform filter cake structure is formed after uniform cleaning. The feeding process can be optimized according to the different dewatering characteristics of the materials. When the load reaches the limit, it can maintain the high-speed rotation sensitive and controllable centrifugal process, which can automatically adapt to the material characteristics, and the cleaning medium consumption is relatively small.

Feature of Product

Fully enclosed structure, complete process control and automatic operation.

No mechanical unloading tissue scraping, unique automatic unloading method of kneading filter cake, so that the shape and purity of solid phase crystal particles can be strongly maintained;

Because each working cycle filter cloth is well cleaned and regenerated, no residual filter cake layer affects the next filtration, so that the filter cloth maintains the initial filtration resistance. The machine has strong utilization value for solid phase materials which are extremely difficult to filter for solid phase particles;

In line with the GMP standard for pharmaceuticals, CIP can be cleaned in place, the shell is fully opened, and it is easy to thoroughly clean and inspect;

The bag-turning organization is completed by mechanical devices, and there is absolutely no pollution caused by the hydraulic operation of the old machine;

Choose the lazy frame of the whole machine, especially the damping damper, actively reduce the vibration, no need to pour the foundation, it is ready to use, the machine works smoothly and reliably;

The surface of the machine is mirror-polished, and it is especially required to be electro-polished to prevent bacterial growth.

Characteristics of the Use of the Bag Centrifuge