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Process for preparing calcium hypochlorite

Jun. 23, 2022

In the process of preparing calcium hypochlorite by sodium method, the mortar obtained in the slurry preparation process is pre reacted with chlorine alone, and then the reaction mixture is solid-liquid, and the resulting solid mixture is sent to the batching tank; At the same time, chlorine reacts with a certain amount of sodium hydroxide. After the solid-liquid separation of the reaction mixture, the liquid products are also sent to the batching tank. After the solid-liquid mixture in the batching tank is stirred evenly, it is sent to the chlorination reactor for chlorination reaction with chlorine to obtain calcium hypochlorite products. The process of the invention replaces the original one-step chlorination reaction by three-step chlorination reaction, greatly reduces the use of chlorine, makes the reaction more complete, increases the effective chlorine content of calcium hypochlorite in the product from 65% to 70%-75%, and improves the purity of the product; The mother liquor has also been treated to recover the available chlorine to the greatest extent and save the production cost.

Customer case:

1)     Material processed is Calcium hypochlorite slurry. Also it content Calcium chloride and Calcium hydroxide.

2)     Componant content in material is calcium hypochlorite , calcium chloride , calcium hydroxide , sodium chloride

3)      Slurry concentration is 20 to 30 % solids in mixture.

4)      After seaperarion , liquid % in solid is between 20 to 38 %.

5)      Solid particle size is 30 mesh size

6)      Capacity  is 10 m3 / hr slurry seapration

7)      We are having titanium decanter ,model  no PDC-18-3-W

Because we send to engineering company, Belarus,Iran...About the Calcium hypochlorite, our decanter centrifuge with the good advantages and used well from our client's feedback.
And our specification could meet your requirements,we have advantage in quality and use good in the market.
For other decanter centrifuge,although the same model,the material is different.The wet material of our this model is DSS,and the structure is mainly designed for calcium hypochlorite.
Our clients always will equip 2-3 sets for the production system.

Process for preparing calcium hypochlorite

manufacturing process:

Process for preparing calcium hypochlorite