Salt Production Line

·Crushing and Washing

The 'four washings and three crushings' production process represents the highest level of refined salt produced by the Chinese crushing method, of which four washes are:

——One-stage spiral washing

——Secondary spiral washing

——Vertical mixing and washing

- countercurrent washing

Three powder is:

- primary crush

- wet crushing

- dry crushing

Through the reasonable combination of wet pulverization and dry pulverization, various washing methods are matched to each other to ensure that the product salt reaches a high quality.

Salt Production Line

·MVR Process

MVR salt making process is one of the more advanced salt making processes in the world. The main principle is to use electricity, machinery, steam, etc. as the power. Through the compressor, the low pressure steam is pressurized and the pressure is increased. use. The application of MVR energy-saving technology makes the salt heat source be the repeated use of secondary steam latent heat, improves the thermal economy of steam, achieves the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, and saves the operating cost and floor space of the boiler room and circulating water system, saving A large amount of circulating cooling water reduces the emission of waste gas, waste residue and waste water, and belongs to green environmental protection technology and equipment. Resources can be used to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Salt Production Line