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A-Z Engineering Contract

Despite the single unit machines, we are experienced in A to Z complete project design and fabrication, installation, commissioning, training one stop service.

The company's main projects include: MVR evaporation system, powder washing salt and vacuum salt production project, oil tank sludge cleaning project, landfill leachate treatment project, plant/animal oil processing production line, urban sewage treatment project, various sewage treatment projects. , CBD extraction production line.

Technical support and transfer of API product technology package.

The company is an internationally competitive engineering company that integrates technical consulting, design, procurement, construction, installation and driving into one, providing engineering EPC general contract, project management, engineering supervision and other comprehensive, full-process services. The company is Committed to be the first and world-renowned technology and technology engineering company in Asia, providing cutting-edge technology and one-stop solutions for the world's industries.