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When the steam comes into contact with a cold surface whose temperature is lower than its saturation temperature, the steam will condense into liquid on the wall surface, which is a heat transfer - mass transfer condensation process. Such as:

Condensation of secondary steam after final effect of evaporation system; Condensation of the steam at the top of the column;

Condensation of refrigerant steam in refrigeration system; Condensation of steam discharged from thermal power plants and steam turbine units.

Plate evaporative condenser

Plate evaporative condenser is an efficient and energy-saving condenser which combines plate surface condenser (working mode 1) with cooling tower.


Main features:

1.Energy saving

the circulating water amount is only 5~15% of the water-cooled type.

cooling water temperature close to the wet bulb temperature, greater heat transfer temperature difference.

2.Slow down the scale

3.Compact structure

4.Maintenance is convenient

5.Pressure drop

6.Low energy consumption